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Call us :1-609-632-0232(within USA)
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Call us :1-609-632-0232(within USA)
001-609-632-0232(from outside USA)

About Us

Windsor Diamonds Company is energetic , committed and dedicated to providing each and every Customer with a Brilliant Diamond Buying experience.

Our mission: It is to deliver Top quality Products, Information services in a friendly and professional manner and make sure every customer is well satisfied and has amazing buying experience.

Whether you are shopping for a gift, have a question about jewelry or even just need some jewelry cleaned you will be treated as our special guest.

We are based in New Jersey, USA dealing mainly in Retail selling Cut and Polished Loose Diamonds and Jewelry.

"Shipping" is free (within USA) and we also have "10 day No Risk money back" policy.

Our Products

Loose Diamonds: We sell Round shaped Loose Diamonds with several different Clarity, Cut, Carats and Color. All our Diamonds are Certified by GIA (Gemological Society of America) or AGS (American Gemological Society) or EGL (European Gemological lab) and have very Competitive Prices.


We have a several variety of Round shaped diamonds, Ideal Cut Diamonds.in our database.

Hearts and Arrow (H&A) Diamonds: Hearts and Arrows (H&A) is our specialty.

We sell Hearts and Arrows (H & A) Ideal Cut Diamonds with several different Clarity, Carats and Color. All our H&A Diamonds are Certified by AGS and have very Competitive Prices

Hearts and Arrows (H & A) Ideal Cut diamond is the most Brilliant Cut in the Diamond world. It is also considered as Ultimate Cut; so look no further.

A Diamond that receives AGS-0 Ideal Cut rating for Polish, Symmetry and Proportions known as 'Triple Ideal Cut Diamond' or 'AGS - 0 Ideal Cut Diamond' and is considered as Most perfectly Cut Diamond


Diamond Jewelry: Diamond Engagement Rings, Diamond Bracelet, Diamond Pendants and Diamond Necklaces:

We soon plan to carry Diamond Jewelry with Diamond Engagement Rings, Diamond Bracelet, Diamond Pendants and Diamond Necklaces. All the Diamonds would be Certified by GIA or AGS or EGL.

Customer demands: If you need any Diamonds which are not mentioned in our Database then simply tell us via phone or e-mail and we will make it available for you in matter of time.

Our Lower Prices: The most common question comes to any Customers mind is “ Why are the prices lower than at a Jewelry store or online retailer ? The answer is very simple. We here at the Windsor Diamonds keep the middle men (brokers) away and keep lower Profit margins.

Quality: From the Best possible Quality of the Loose Diamonds and Jewelry , Dedicated and excellent Customer Services everything is of Highest quality. There is never a compromise with the quality here at Windsor Diamonds.

Service: We combine the ease of Online shopping and the Personalized service. We are dedicated to understand your needs and work with you to give you the best.

Once the Diamond or Jewelry is inspected for all the 4 C’s (Cut, Carat, Color, Clarity); Diamond Jewelry (example: ring if mounted) when it arrives at the Windsor Diamonds ; it undergoes the final inspection before packing. Diamond, Jewelry, related Original Certificate, invoice , return guarantee, and all other paper work required for accuracy and completeness.

Finally the Package is sent fully insured via FedEx or USPS with no shipping charges within USA. Outside USA small fee is charged.. "Shipping" is free (within USA) and we also have "10 day No Risk money back" policy.

Customer satisfaction is our Policy.