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Call us :1-609-632-0232(within USA)
001-609-632-0232(from outside USA)
Call us :1-609-632-0232(within USA)
001-609-632-0232(from outside USA)
1. What is the Cost and Timeframe for shipping?

A. Shipping is Free. It is done normally in 2-14 days depending upon its availability. International shipping will cost US $100.

2. What about Certification?

A. Diamonds are certified. If you want any certification for diamonds which are listed but not certified then please let us know and we will get it certified      mostly from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gemological Society). This will cost some more money and time.

3. Is the Credit Card processing secured?

A. Yes! Credit card information and your personal information is secured.

4. Will you accept personal checks or certified checks?

A. Yes! Only after check is processed we will ship the product.

5. Do you have money back policy?

A. Yes! 10 Days! Only for the orders which were shipped within USA !

6. What about the Insurance and Tax?

A. All the products will be insured from door to door. No Sales tax when shipped outside New Jersey.

7. Can we ask for the Diamonds not listed in your list?

A. Absolutely! Just let us know what do you need. We will glad to response to your query.

8. Where are you located?

A. We are located in New Jersey, USA.