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Call us :1-609-632-0232(within USA)
001-609-632-0232(from outside USA)
Call us :1-609-632-0232(within USA)
001-609-632-0232(from outside USA)

Payment methods

All the Diamonds are fully insured and shipped for overnight delivery.

a: Bank wire transfers: The most preferred payment method is through bank to bank wire transfers.
As wire transfers are immediate it results in a quick delivery to the customers.
b: Check payments: We also accept Personal and Certified checks. Diamonds are shipped only
after the check is cleared (normally takes up to 5 business days).
c: Credit Card payments:  

We accept these Credit Cards. You need to give your card details to the representative using the listed Phone number.

Online purchases processing is done via PAYPAL.

Please note that customers will have to pay an additional charge of 3.0 % of the Selling price.