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Loose Diamonds:  We sell Round shaped Loose Diamonds with several different Clarity, Cut, Carats and Color. All our Diamonds are Certified by GIA (Gemological Society of America) or AGS (American Gemological Society) or EGL (European Gemological lab) and have very Competitive Prices.


We have a several variety of Round shaped diamonds, Ideal Cut Diamonds.in our database.


Hearts and Arrow (H&A) Diamonds:  Hearts and Arrows (H&A) is our specialty

We sell Hearts and Arrows (H & A) Ideal Cut Diamonds with several different Clarity,  Carats and Color. All our H&A Diamonds are Certified by AGS and  have very Competitive Prices


Hearts and Arrows (H & A) Ideal Cut diamond is the most Brilliant Cut in the Diamond world.   It is also considered as Ultimate Cut; so look no further.
A Diamond that receives AGS-0 Ideal Cut rating for Polish, Symmetry and Proportions known as 'Triple Ideal Cut Diamond' or 'AGS - 0 Ideal Cut Diamond' and is considered as Most perfectly Cut Diamond.

Diamond Jewelry:Diamond Engagement Rings,  Diamond Bracelet, Diamond Pendants and Diamond Necklaces:

We soon plan to carry Diamond Jewelry with Diamond Engagement Rings,  Diamond Bracelet, Diamond Pendants and Diamond Necklaces. All the Diamonds would be Certified by GIA or AGS or EGL.

Customer demands: If you need any Diamonds which are not mentioned in our Database then simply tell us via phone or e-mail and we will make it available for you in matter of time.

Our Lower Prices:  The most common question comes to any Customers mind is “ Why are the prices lower than at a Jewelry store or online retailer ? The answer is very simple. We here at the Windsor Diamonds keep the middle men (brokers) away and keep lower Profit margins.

Buying Tips:

Being in the diamond business for many  years has revealed the buyers which make the most detrimental decisions are people who don’t know what they’re doing, or they learned just enough to be “dangerous”. Likewise, those who have some basic understanding usually make wiser selections getting much greater value with regards to money.

The following is a directory of the 4 most frequent mistakes.

1) Training:

The number 1 miscalculation people make when getting a diamond is not obtaining a basic education. They end up buying a diamond of less splendor and value than they can have had for that same budget. With the Internet it is relatively easy to know about the basic principles of diamonds and that means you aren’t completely at nighttime. Not knowing what you are doing can cost people dearly in us dollars, quality, value along with beauty.

Learning what you are doing will pay off in a big way. You’re with a diamond of much more beauty and worth… and appreciate ones diamond more, especially when you see that your diamond has more spectacular fireplace and brilliance than the majority of people’s diamonds.   You will furthermore get true bang for your buck. Most people pay much more for diamonds than they will!

There is much more to diamonds than just the 4 C’s but most internet sites only provide paragraph or 2 on each and stop right there.   Know-how is power. Take the time to learn as much as you can.

2) False Advertising and marketing:

The old saying, “if it looks too good for being true, it usually is” absolutely holds true in terms of diamonds. Some with the ads are truly laughable to people who understand diamonds. As an illustration every city incorporates a jewelry store that will run ads that sound like this. “Two carat diamond appraised for $38, 000 available today for $5, 000?. This sort of ad is totally ridiculous. It reveals an appraisal that is certainly grossly inaccurate and inflated and a 2 carat diamond of extremely really low quality.   Or you might see an ad for a 3 carat band for $6000.   This sounds great before you find out it is 3 carats “total weight” consisting of small diamonds that are much less important than one big diamond.

Many people look for a bargain upon eBay or Craigslist. Many ads look like this: “Diamond band, paid $6, 000 will sacrifice, selling regarding $4, 500?. More often than not, the ring ended up being appraised at $6, 000 not really bought for $6, 000 and a selling price associated with $4, 500 is really no bargain in any respect.   Appraisals are always considerably greater than true market worth. Also, many diamonds that resemble they have an incredible price are actually “clarity enhanced” gemstones. These are extremely low clarity gemstones with large inclusions which might be filled with a silicon like chemical making them show up cleaner. This just isn’t good! They should never be worth what you pay and also the filler can appear leaving you having a diamond that seems like a shattered ice cube. My advice is always to never, ever purchase a “clarity enhanced” diamond.

It is very difficult to get a bargain upon eBay or Craigslist because the majority of people paid a significant amount of for their diamonds and a large number of diamonds are commonly poorly cut diamonds supplying you with les brilliance than you could have.

3) Certifications along with Appraisals:

When it pertains to diamonds, it’s not merely the size (or weight) however the quality also that determines on-line. Just 1 or maybe 2 grades difference within the clarity, color or cut makes a big difference in the actual value. Unless you happen to be an expert you really don’t know the actual quality of a diamond, unless it’s got a “certification”. It is different than a great appraisal which any kind of jewelry store may print up. A certification is a diamond grading report produced by a gemological laboratory work. The diamond is provided for the lab unfastened (not set in to jewelry) and totally examined. There is not any is no value put on your report, just a description with the weight, clarity, color and reduce (proportions and quality with the cut) of your diamond.   A certification is what you need! But… not just about all certifications are equal.

Let’s review the 2 most popular labs that certify diamonds, GIA along with EGL. The fact is GIA (Gemological Commence of America) will be the most strict and reliable of all the certifications. GIA sets the standard in the industry and is by far the most authoritative and desired certification to get. Then there is EGL (European Gemological Laboratories), which could be much far more lenient than GIA.   If GIA grades a diamond just as one H color, EGL will grade it like a G or P  (higher). If GIA grades the clarity just as one SI1, EGL will grade it like a VS2 (higher). Most jewelers along with dealers sell gemstones with EGL certifications considering that the diamond will are most often higher quality turning it into a better price.

You can examine 2 diamonds for sale for sale that supposedly hold the same exact bodyweight, color, clarity and cut the one difference being any particular one has a GIA cert and also the other has a great EGL cert. You can always notice the EGL diamond is a much lower price. Is that one an improved deal? NO, generally not very. It really is a lower quality. You should have no idea what the actual grade of that diamond is. To generate matters worse, there are 10 EGL labs worldwide and they just about all grade to diverse standards, some Extra leniently than people!

The solution? Uncomplicated…. When you are getting a diamond, stay having a GIA certified diamond. Any diamond might be sent to GIA for certification for a relatively small cost. Many dealers will tell you that EGL is as strict, but they will won’t send the diamond to GIA in case you offer.   It will receive a lower grading. The key way to guard your investment is always to stay with GIA authorized diamonds only!

Here are a few sites where you may get a very excellent basic <a target=”_new” rel=”nofollow” href=”http: //bestdiamondsearch. com/4c. php”>diamond education</a> efficiently. The more you know, the better decisions you might make.

4) The particular Cut:

This is the smallest amount of understood and absolutely the main part of any kind of diamond. The cut describes how well a diamond is reduce, not the shape of the diamond. The higher quality the cut, the more fireplace and brilliance the diamond could have and the more valuable it’s going to be.   Most diamonds are generally intentionally cut also shallow or too deep so that you can finish the diamond as heavy (or large) as you possibly can.   A diamond associated with perfect proportions could have the greatest fireplace and brilliance by far and will also be noticeable by all people. You want   an amazing, attention grabbing, brain turning diamond having phenomenal fire. It is created by a diamond that had been cut to best proportions.   Certainly not sacrifice the reduce. If you perform, you will end up with a diamond associated with less beauty along with less value.

Bear in mind, you will include your diamond for many, many years, probably even generations. Learning to be an brilliant diamond buyer is a smart investment and definitely will pay off in a big way!

Diamond Ring Buying Tips:


Compromise on some C's

The four C's -- cut, color, clarity and carat -- each affect the price of a diamond. (For full details of the various grading scales, peruse the GIA's guide.) Many experts say that cut is the most important of the four. "The cut is what brings out the fire and the brilliance," says Russell Shor, a senior industry analyst for the GIA, the nonprofit that developed the grading system. A great cut affords flexibility on some of the other C's, masking less-desirable clarity and color.

Even stones graded SI1 -- seven levels below flawless -- can seem perfect to the naked eye if the diamond is well cut, he says. The average price for a round gem of 0.9 to 0.99 carats with E color is $12,992 if it's flawless, according to pricing sitePriceScope.com, while an otherwise similar SI1 stone is $4,661.

The ring's setting can also conceal certain imperfections, says Rapaport. "The yellow color of the gold makes the diamond look whiter," he says. "It's all about the contrast." Instead of the highest-grade D, which are colorless, shoppers might be able to go as low as an M, N or O. For a 0.9 to 0.99-carat round stone with VS1 clarity, that drops the average price from $8,100 to as low as $1,876. Even shoppers who pick a white metal may find that they can go as low as a K-color grade without the stone seeming overly dingy.

Buy light sizes

Prices tend to jump at the quarter-, half- and full-carat marks, Gordon says. Consumers who buy a little shy of the mark -- say, a 0.96-carat stone instead of a 1.0-carat one -- can avoid that premium. "If you weren't married to saying it's a carat and meaning it, then you could shop that way and pay a significantly smaller price," he says. But again, experts say there are fewer such stones on the market. In that case, shoppers would be better buying even a 1.01-carat stone than an exactly 1-carat one, Matlins says. "If the diamond nicks or needs re-polishing, it can lose carat weight," she says, "and then you've just lost a significant portion of what it's worth."

Pick a fancy shape

Round diamonds are the most popular pick for engagement rings, and so tend to carry premium pricing, Matlins says. Shoppers can save significantly by looking to less-popular shapes, notably ovals, hearts and marquise. In jewelry retailer BlueNile.com  current inventory, for example, a 1.03-carat diamond with very good cut, I color and VS1 clarity has a starting price of $6,339 in a round shape. A marquise gem with the same attributes costs $3,957, and an oval one is $3,662. Fancy shapes also tend to look bigger than round diamonds of similar weight, because there's more surface area, Shor says.

But keep in mind that round is the go-to for a reason: other shapes have their own pitfalls. "As popular as they are, princess-cut diamonds look smaller for their weight than a round diamond," Matlins says. Ovals may have a sparkle-free "dead shape" at their center, especially if they were cut too thin at the edges, and any diamond shape with corners adds to the risk of chips and other damage. Plus, shoppers may not have quite as large a selection to peruse as they would with round diamonds, Gordon says. "Cutters go where the money is," he says.

Assess other qualities

Beyond the four C's, grading reports often consider qualities like fluorescence, which can make a diamond look milky or glow blue under certain lights, Gordon says. A strongly fluorescent stone might lower the price by as much as 10%, he says, but the trait isn't necessarily one that would bother a consumer. Some stones are lasered to remove imperfections, an enhancement that a grading report should note, Matlins adds. Those stones should be at least 30% cheaper because of that alteration, she says. But be cautious of other enhancements like fillings, they warn, which could affect the stone's quality long-term. And even lasering can be overdone, Shor says. "It shouldn't look like it's been shot through with holes," he says.

Skip brand names

Brand-name stones like Tiffany & Co.'s "Lucida" or "Leo" from diamond polishing firm Leo Schachter use trademarked cuts to maximize a stone's fire and brilliance. "It's like Gucci or Cartier or Porsche -- the name sells the item," says Gordon. They may charge a price premium of 10% for the marketing and the experience. But although the stones are often high-quality, the added price doesn't necessarily translate to added quality, Rappaport says.

Consider estate jewelry

Baby boomers' rush to clear out their possessions extends to jewelry, too, experts say. There are plenty of good-quality older diamonds on the market, which may be more attractively priced -- especially if the setting is less trendy or the diamond is an older cut like the "old mine," a precursor to the brilliant round cut, Rappaport says. "There could be some really good deals there," he says. But Gordon warns that there can also be dangers in the estate market for less informed consumers, since rings may not come with a diamond grading report. Make sure the sale is contingent on having the ring value and qualities confirmed by an independent appraiser.

Employ negotiation skills

Summer tends to be a slow time for jewelers, which can give consumers more wiggle room to negotiate on price, Gordon says. Some offer discounts for buying wedding bands as well as the engagement ring, or for buying the stone and setting together. A few purveyors also discount for paying cash, often equivalent to the roughly 3% fee credit card issuers charge for processing transactions.

How to Pick the Diamond:

Diamonds are not really a girl’s best friend, they can also build a rock solid return. De Beers, which controls 60% in the world’s diamond creation, has increased it really is prices five times in the last 24 months, but worldwide demand remains to be rising at 8% a year. In China by itself diamond sales tend to be expanding at 25% a year. Nor is this growth limited to diamonds for jewelry. The vast majority of diamonds – many 80% – are widely-used for industrial reasons and, here yet again, prices have recently been rising as require outstrips supply.

The lure of diamonds alternatively investment is obvious to see. Over the extended they have always in excess of held their importance; they are simple transport and – for all those living in politically unstable elements of the world – to cover; plus in countries with heavy demise duties, they might be passed down from generation to age group without attracting the interest of the levy man. Unlike virtually any other investment you possibly can take pleasure from wearing them. They are also relatively liquid: there are dealers willing to make trades diamonds for take advantage every major metropolis. Finally, if do you know what you are undertaking, it is possible to make well above typical profits.

However, before you decide to rush out and also sink your benefits into sparklers some words of caution: no one has available serious money from diamonds buying jewelry or loose gems at retail prices. Instead, you should follow these fantastic rules:

- The better the quality of a diamond, the greater the possibility you have of profit and the easier it will likely be to sell. Demand for small, less good gemstones will fluctuate according to the economy.

- Learn information about the 4C’s – that is how diamonds tend to be valued:

Cut. This identifies the symmetry and proportions in the stone. The best slice stones reflect light so as to optimize the fire and brilliance in the diamond. Diamonds tend to be cut with 58 facets as well as a Well Cut diamond will likely be classified as Perfect, Excellent, and Great. Don’t touch another type.

Color. The very best color (unless you happen to be buying colored gemstones, of course, see below) is no color at many! Diamonds are categorized from D to Z with D representing the best possible, colorless stones.

Understanding. Almost all gemstones incorporate tiny – quite natural – internal marks generally known as inclusions. They could also have external signifies called blemishes. The less blemishes or blemishes the greater the clarity. At the pinnacle end of the particular scale are sleek diamonds and there are over a number of other classifications.

Carat weight. The larger the particular diamond, the more it weighs. Weight is measured with carats. The word carat originated from a tree known as Ceratonia siliqua that produces seeds of a consistent uniformity. These seeds were employed in olden times to measure the weight of diamonds. One particular carat equaled one seed! Now one carat is regarded as to weigh 0. only two grams.

- You ought to only buy diamonds or diamond Rings that have been certified by on the list of recognized grading laboratories. The very best known of these are generally the GIA (Gemological Start of America) and the EGL (European Treasure Laboratory) or AGS (American Gemological Society). Your diamond dealer should explain to you the appropriate certificate and you should satisfy yourself that it is genuine.

- Think about buying individual gemstones, getting them arranged, and then marketing them on eBay or your website OR in case you are good at creating websites then execute a deal with a new diamond merchant where by you sell diamond jewelry with your website you do not even own… buying from them only when you complete a sale.

- Will not buy so-called ‘blood diamonds’. These have recently been mined in Sierra Leone by workers kept with unimaginably bad conditions then smuggled out of your country. Not only is it unethical to buy such a diamond but eventually it will end up being worth less. Ask for a thing called a Kimberley Practice Certificate – a sort of diamond passport that proves it has been mined ethically and also legally.
- Watch out for anything called ‘clarity enhanced’. This means that the diamond have been artificially enhanced. Bad news. Also, don’t buy diamonds online unless you know the dealer privately.

- If you believe diamond prices will likely continue rising after that consider buying gives you in diamond producers for example Firestone Diamonds, River, Petra and Brazil Diamonds.

- Register for something called The Rappaport Diamond Report (http: //www.rapaport.net) an up to the minute selling price guide. Once you discover how diamonds are priced you may be shocked to discover what amount mark-up jewelers create! Buying diamonds for investment you ought to expect to shell out about 5% – 10% above the costs quoted in Rappaport. Remember if you purchase your diamond in the EU it will likely be subject to VAT. If you buy it outside the EU and carry it home VAT will still be payable unless anyone smuggle it – that you just mustn’t do as this will be breaking legal issues!

- Consider colored or ‘fancy’ gemstones. These are natural diamonds that – by a major accident of nature – have ended up pink, blue, eco-friendly, amber or actually red. They tend to be much, much rarer compared to clear diamonds and – as a result – command a better price. The market with regard to colored diamonds have been growing as consumers set out to understand their shortage value. Twenty years ago they cost under clear diamonds. Now the best examples are classified as the most expensive gemstones on this planet.

- Research a thing called Tanzanite. It is not a precious gemstone, nor does that count as semi-precious. Discovered in 1967 inside the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro the most beneficial stones are vivid violet blue. Costing considerably under diamonds the selling price is volatile nevertheless Tiffany’s the jewelers use it a whole lot and it might take off sometime soon much in the best way colored diamonds have throughout the last two decades.

One other possibility is to purchase a managed fund that includes diamonds and diamond mining shares with its portfolio. Cases would include Merrill Lynch metal and General, Merrill Lynch World Mining and T P Morgan Healthy Resources – the latter indicates 50. 6% growth inside the year ending Feb . 2006.

If you like thinking about making money from diamonds then there’s no doubt the best strategy would be to buy high quality stones and tend not to sell until on the list of periodic bull areas when prices may rise in leaps and bounds. This could, however, involve a wait. Thank heavens gemstones are forever.

How to buy Diamond Ear Rings:

Each woman craves the greatest diamond, and when it comes to diamond rings or earrings a set of 2 carat diamond studs is just about the standard for luxurious. This article contains 7 valuable tips on how you can buy the most wonderful, brilliant diamond earrings with the lowest price.

Tip #1: What should a pair of 2 carat diamond studs expense? If you complete a smart buy, you will be able to get a set of beautiful 2 carat earrings for around $4, 200. Naturally, you can fork out less. A Poor Cut, K Coloring, I-3 Clarity set of studs can be had for around $1600. These earrings will have a milky grey-yellow overall look with fractures and many obvious dark crystals. You can furthermore pay more, for example a pair of Ideal Cut, Deb Color, VVS Clarity earrings will be about $48, 000. These has to be dazzling pair of earrings that could only be absolutely appreciated under some sort of 30-power microscope.

Tip #2: Diamonds within the Ear are More Forgiving over a Diamond within the Hand: almost always there is a balance for being considered between diamond excellent and cost. Any solitaire diamond ring within the hand is usually viewed at a distance of with regards to 2 feet 100 % daylight. On additional hand, a set of 2 carat diamond stud earrings are often partially covered by simply locks of curly hair and viewed from 4 or 5 feet away. Minute flaws just like white crystals along with fine white needles aren’t likely to detract through the beauty of diamonds worn within the ear. Also, as a result of skin and curly hair tones surrounding diamonds worn within the ear, a single decline in color grade is going to be most difficult to help detect.

Tip #3: You shouldn’t be a Slave from the GIA Grading Level: first, you should buy diamonds that are certified at a reputable gem lab like GIA, IGI, EGL or maybe IGL. Second, you ought to know that the GIA Grading Level rates diamonds based on their rarity, but not necessarily on their beauty and brilliance. In other terms, it is possible to spend a higher price with an ugly pair of diamonds if you utilize the GIA scale alone being a guide for your own purchase. The most frequent mistake is to obtain a Poor or maybe Fair Cut grade which has a high Color along with Clarity grade. For instance, a pair regarding D Color, VVS Clarity diamonds which has a Poor Cut Grade can cost you about $26, 000. These diamonds is going to be milky and dull to look at because the Reduce Grade allows almost no light to resume the eye from the viewer.

Tip #4: The Cut Quality is why is a Diamond Gorgeous and Brilliant: a fantastic Cut diamond will returning about 4 instances the white light towards the eye of this viewer. Today, most rough crystals are cut with the greatest yield irrespective of the proper angles to return a shower regarding white light towards the viewer’s eye. Approximately about 90% from the diamonds on this retail market these days are graded Poor, and Fair Reduces. In the business, these diamonds usually are called Swindled Reduces, and they deficiency the beautiful white light, fire and scintillation of an Excellent Cut Diamond.

Tip #5: The easiest way a Lower Diamond Lucidity Grade without compromising Brilliance: the key fact about diamond Clarity is that many grade including CUANDO and above is considered “eye-clean”. This implies that unless your friends employ a magnifying glass practical, any grade CUANDO and above contains inclusions which have been not visible towards the naked eye. When purchasing your 2 carat diamond jewelry, consider this: a pair of G-H Color VVSI Clarity diamonds can cost you about $15, 000. The same gemstones in SI Clarity can cost you about $7, 000. The difference in price is for a finer clarity grade that can not be discerned with this naked eye.

Tip #6: The best way to Balance Diamond Coloring against Cost: the change between Colorless gemstones (D-E-F) and Next to Colorless diamonds (G-H-I) is definitely very minute. A gemologist qualities diamonds for entire body color loose and inside the inverted position next to a master fixed, because it is difficult to view the difference. When some sort of well cut diamond is determined face-up you usually are viewing mainly this refraction and returning of light throughout the table, which is a lot more the Cut and less one’s body Color of this stone. This is all the more true when gemstones are worn within the ear, because this ambient skin along with hair tones adjoining them also affects the perception regarding Color. A G-H Color for ones diamond earrings is really a wise balance of cheaper for a moment difference in excellent. An I Coloring may refract a really slight yellow forged, but most people will not perceive the change. On the some other hand, a J-K Coloring stone will refract some sort of noticeable yellow forged. However, the Color won’t affect the brilliance from the diamond. If you like a warm diamond sculpt, you can save a considerable amount of money on your own 2 carat earring buy by choosing the reduced color qualities within the GIA scale.

Tip #7: Choose the best Diamond Stud Settings for the Better Fit: a pair of 2 carat studs usually are heavy enough to droop on the  ear lobe, which certainly ruins their luxury. The secret is usually to choose a setting style which allows the earrings to install straight and forward. The three most frequent types of diamond earring settings really are a crown setting, a basket setting plus a 3-prong martini location. Don’t buy some sort of crown setting because it places the diamond beyond the boundary forward and these kind of will drop on your ears. Basket settings are the most common, and they can be set low or maybe high. If you choose a basket location, look at it through the side and make certain that the bottom tip from the diamond (the culet) rests as nearby the ear as possible. Finally, the 3-prong martini style is really a superior setting for earrings as the diamond rests closer to the ear lobe. Inside a martini setting, the middle of gravity is while far backward as possible, so your gemstones will rest direct and forward within the ear. Also, should you have very soft ear lobes order a disk returning to secure a much larger area behind this ear.

Some Sparkling Tricks to sell Diamonds and Diamond Rings.

Selling unfastened diamonds is a new profitable but tricky aspect and should be ventured upon only once you have some basic understanding of the precious treasures. Unlike other types of investments, diamonds lack a new fungible value although they fully stand up in the liquidity section. Before you try and put up your diamonds for sale, make some effort to learn about their true market value.

To start with, get an appraisal done for the diamonds on sale. A gemologist lab or maybe a qualified appraiser will let you to determine the current market value of this precious stones. You will end up provided with the appraisal report that’s an evaluation good 4 C’s of this diamonds which are clarity, cut, carat and also color.

To have a judicious appraisal for the diamonds, you can make contact with the American Contemporary society of Appraisers who will help you to find a experienced appraiser. The GIA, AGS and also HRD are gemology laboratories that certify diamonds. They will do certify your diamonds but do not place any market value in it. Yet certification is usually a critical tool to determine the value of this diamonds. Armed having a diamond certificate, you can discover the jewelry market to know what kind of a deal your diamonds can crack!

The next step is to make a draft which has the description of your diamonds offered on sale. Create an ad backed with very helpful photos providing everything about the diamonds on the market. You can offered this advertisement as part of your local newspaper or in your personal website on the net. But till next do safe keep precious diamonds inside a banker locker or other sorts of secure place. For your own personal security always try and meet the interested parties in public places whenever you must show your diamonds.

You can also prefer to carry online auction of this diamonds put on the block. There are many places to hold internet auctions similar to eBay, Etsy, Main Street Honest and Ubid and all are good so long as there are zero hidden fees charged to the services that they feature.

If you are generally averse to selling your diamonds right, then you can sell these phones a jeweler. You can also make a start simply by showing your accredited diamonds for the local jewelers. The jeweler or any other dealer known for you to him may consider purchasing your unfastened diamonds. Top end jewelers are furthermore good choices to whom you’ll be able to show your diamonds put on the block. Make it a place to provide all information which you have about your diamonds. If they are interested you’ll be able to schedule an appointment with them for diamond looking at. If you own a lot more diamonds and wish to sell them quite frequently, the best alternative would be to become a specialized diamond dealer by yourself. A diamond dealer acts to be a broker between the owner and the shopper in diamond purchases. Being a midst man diamond dealer can be quite a lucrative proposal as one can make a great deal of commission during the actual transactions. Equipped with many basic transaction training relevant to diamond sale, you can become part of the network associated with diamond retailers, wholesalers and also diamond cutters. The American Diamond Society offers house study courses concerning the diamond industry which will let you to get certification on the Jewelers Education Basis. As a registered jeweler you’ll have thorough knowledge concerning the diamonds plus the ethics and standards in the diamond industry. You are able to thus learn to promote diamonds inside a more profitable way inside the ever changing, unpredictable gold jewelry market.

Synthetic Diamond related:

This indicates nearly impossible to observe TV or open up a newspaper without seeing something with regards to man-made diamonds. Since way back when science has tried to manufacture a perfect synthetic diamonds. Finally, 21st-century technology possesses made that prospect a real possibility.

There are many reasons to purchase synthetic diamonds as opposed to the mined variety. The prices charged for mined diamonds usually are, in the very best verbiage, an optical illusion. To put that more bluntly, Cecil Adams, in his award-winning newspaper column “The Straight Dope” says: “Diamonds really are a con, pure and also simple. ” Diamond costs are largely controlled from the DeBeers diamond cartel, and maybe they are not a good reflection of diamonds scarcity. Additionally, studies show that certain out of 3 diamonds sold the United States today has been altered to artificially increase its importance. Further studies have established that on average a couple pays 40% excessive for their diamond engagement ring.

Beyond deceptive prices, there are the down sides of “blood diamonds”, compelled child labor, and quite a few other disturbing diamonds facts.

Recently, socially conscious celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Minnie Driver, and Angelina Jolie have made a oral issue of wearing only synthetic diamonds for the many gala activities they attend.

Very good synthetic diamonds are virtually indistinguishable on the mined variety, but minus the baggage, and in addition, they cost a lot of money less. But, which synthetic diamond is best choice?

There usually are many types involving man-made or man-made diamonds offered. The choices usually are numerous, but fair information is rare. Here is an overview and comparison on the synthetic diamonds currently unavailable on the market:

Cubic Zirconia:
The actual grandfather of simulated diamonds, Zircons can be purchased widely. In their best examples, CZ’s are a fairly quality diamond replica. However, the commodity-like availability and vast differences in quality have made the natural stone synonymous with low-cost vogue jewelry. Perhaps a good choice for cheap bling, however, not for fine jewelry. Many sources can be purchased, a decent you are: http: //www.czfantasy.com

Russian Diamonds:
As well as Russian Brilliants, Russian Stars and the like, they are actually nothing but top quality cubic zirconias. This is simply not mentioned prominently on their web sites and they will only cop going without running shoes when pressed, but that’s the fact. Russian diamonds simulates are priced around $280 for each carat.

Russian Diamonds really are a fine jewelry selection and are usually mounted in quality platinum settings.

Russian Brilliants are the most effective and oldest sellers of “Russian Diamonds” sold at: http: //www.russianbrilliants.net.

Moissanite is the lab-created mineral that’s a very good diamonds simulant. Moissanite has been on the market as a fine jewelry choice since their early 90s and possesses picked up numerous fans. Moissanite is really a hard mineral in which, like diamond, may cut glass. There are a couple of modest downsides to moissanite nonetheless. First, it is fairly expensive, (though still cheap compared to diamonds) usually priced about $500 per carat for great samples.

Secondly, moissanite does not have the same optical features as diamond and there are various indicators that make sure they are easy to spot while using the naked eye a great experienced practitioner. It is difficult to make a pure white moissanite plus they often appear a bit green when viewed in sun light. Also, moissanite possesses significantly higher radiance and also brilliance factors next natural diamond, causing those to appear “too sparkly” for some. Overall though, moissanite is really a beautiful synthetic diamonds choice.

“Moissanite In the Sky” at http: //www.fromthesky.com is an effective source of fine moissanite jewelry.

Precious stone Nexus
Diamond Nexus gemstones are the consequence of a fairly fresh scientific advancement in processing technique, and have only ended up available in the united states.

Diamond Nexus gems are excellent diamonds simulants and come very all-around matching the houses of mined diamonds at a number of comparison points. They will cut glass, being virtually equivalent to diamond on the Mohs (hardness) level. They refract excellent “hearts and arrows” and possess radiance and splendor readings extremely all-around flawless diamond.

In addition, they are at present introductory priced for your U. S. industry, and are the steal at $79 for each caret. Diamond Nexus gemstones are only available in platinum, solid-gold settings.

Diamond Nexus is just available from Precious stone Nexus Labs in: http: //www.DiamondNexusLabs.com

Light Sapphire
Sapphire could be the second hardest natural mineral on the Mohs scale, overtaken only by diamonds. They are, unlike the others in this review, a natural natural stone. Their radiance and brilliance will not be up to the standards of diamonds however. Nevertheless, quality white sapphires costs three hundred dollars around $220 per carat really are a good diamond choice.

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Gemisis Cultured Precious stone
Gemisis diamonds usually are beautiful and almost perfect diamond identical. Unfortunately, they will not be available in an obvious, white color, so they are not a good choice for conventional diamond settings. Even so, if a orange, orange or red diamond is that which you crave, Gemisis offers spectacular choices in beautiful platinum, fine-jewelry settings.

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Man-made diamonds offer several positive aspects over the mined range. You can buy confidently, knowing that that you are getting exactly that which you paid for, and possess not been the victim of diamonds pricing chicanery. In case you are concerned with the globe around you, you might have a clear conscience, knowing that your hard earned dollars has not contributed for the support of a good unethical and abusive industry.
However, there are several choices of man-made diamonds, with varying examples of quality. Take some time to review the seller’s information to secure a clear idea involving what the scientific discipline is behind the gemstones that you are buying.

For my personal money, I believe the top choices are quality Moissanite stones or the brand new diamond simulant gems available from Precious stone Nexus Labs.